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Your Go-To Children Dentistry in Sylvan Lake

Compared to adult teeth, a child’s baby teeth need more care and a sensitive approach to treatment for effective results. 


At Sylvan Smiles in Alberta, we are dedicated to maintaining the oral health of your child, from the time he turns two through to his teenage years.

You can visit our practice for preventive care as well as regular dental procedures, all of which we deliver in a cost-effective and timely manner. We care for your child’s comfort the most and ensure that it is never compromised during the visit!

Keeping Your Child’s Smile Healthy and Bright

When it comes to pediatric dentistry, the right approach matters a lot. Since children are impressionable, it is important that their introduction to dentistry happens in an appropriate manner. Our dentists understand this and take extra measures to make your kid comfortable throughout the sessions. 


Thanks to our years of experience, we are easily able to identify the developmental issues related to your child’s oral health early on. This gives us the advantage to treat any dental problem in its initial stage before it turns into a major dental issue. Our experienced staff can help you with:

happy young girl at the dental clinic


With preventive dental procedures, you can stop dental issues from arising in the first place. It is a good way to keep your child’s teeth and gums healthy and disease free in the long run. Our  preventive dental services include oral examinations, cleaning, and fluoride treatments. While you keep up with the regular checkups, don’t forget to follow a solid dental routine at home for more effective results. If you have any queries about oral routine, we will help you.

young girl at the dental clinic for teeth examination


If your child has reached the age of one, it is time to take him for his first dental visit. It is also recommended to take children to a dentist within six months after their first tooth has come out. A vital aspect of preventive oral care, dental examinations let the dentist clean your child’s teeth and perform a thorough check up for cavities and oral problems. It may include an x-ray or any other diagnostic procedures. In a dental examination, the doctor not only provides preventive treatment but also discusses your kid’s oral hygiene habits and provides proper guidance.

dentist treating a medical emergency


In case of a dental emergency, such as a broken tooth, a knocked out tooth, or severe toothache, we provide you with immediate help. Talk to our dental professionals about the available options and we will get to your treatment right away!

How to Prepare Your Kid for a Dental Checkup

Tell your kid about your good experiences with dentists and create a positive picture in his mind. Help him warm up to the idea of good oral hygiene!
Listen to your child to understand why he is hesitant to visit a dentist. If he does have some specific fears, then talk to your dentist beforehand to make proper arrangements and ensure that the visit is comfortable for your kid.
Time your visit properly. Since you know your child the best, make sure to choose a time when he is well rested and likely to cooperate with the dentist. An experienced doctor will understand your child’s personality and ensure that he is comfortable throughout the visit.


We give your child the dental care he deserves and needs!

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